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Education and other info 

The Republic of Somaliland has introduced free education at primary and intermediate levels and doubled teachers' salaries.

Name of Institution and Location

1. Amoud University Borame

2. University of Hargeisa

3. Gollis University with Campuses in Burao, Berbera & Hargeisa

4. Admas University College Hargeisa

5. Burao University Burao

6. Nugal University Las-Anod

7. Eelo American University Borame

8. International Horn University Hargeisa

9. Addis Ababa Medical College Hargeisa

10. Tima'ade University Gabile

11. Hope University Hargeisa

12. Sanaag University Erigavo

13. Abaarso Tech University Hargeisa

14. Alpha University College Hargeisa

15. New Generation University College Hargeisa

16. Edna University Hospital Hargeisa

17. Bader College